My 2nd Big Day #7 – We went to Club Chinois for Food Tasting

It’s 5 months more to the customary day and the least I should do (even though it is a simple affair) is to get a venue for the small cozy lunch. I’ve been procrastinating about this after meeting some obstacles with Peony Jade and Grand Shanghai. Finally!

Club Chinois Food Tasting

I’ve heard good reviews about this place. Being housed under the Tung Lok brand, people usually will have high expectations Continue reading

Fire at Ava Tower Balestier Road

Nothing was unusual during our drive home except when a Civil Defence vehicle suddenly cut into our lane and gestured for us to give way.

Fire at Ava Towers Balestier Road

.. till it turned off into Ava Road along Balestier Road. Guess what we saw? Continue reading

X-Ploring in Bahagia – New Zi Char Restaurant with Air-Con

The weather is so hot we’ll either eat in or look for places with air-con. The nearest air-conditioned place to our place is this new zi char restaurant – 小青岛. I guess it is run by some Chinese cooks as their style of cooking reminds me of when I am in Shanghai!

Whampoa Xiao Qing Dao
A new “restaurant” amongst the row of old shops at Continue reading

X-Living in Bahagia – Chuck and the Bamboo Stalk

The fairytale story tells of a man named Chuck who was sent to the market one day by his wife to sell their collection of whiskey. As Chuck proceeded to the market he met a stranger who offered to trade four “magic seeds” for the whiskey. Chuck accepted the trade and returned home with the seeds in his pocket. Chuck’s wife was angered that he had not obeyed her instructions to sell the whiskey and threw the seeds out of the window. As Chuck slept, the seeds germinated and a gigantic bamboo stalk grew in their place by morning.

Chuck and the Bamboo Stalk

When Chuck saw the huge bamboo stalk, Continue reading

Of Emily Hill, a Traffic Marshall and Blueberry Margaritas

We attended a friend’s wedding at Emily Hill, it was a nice romantic wedding!
Wedding at Emily Hill

The marquee / tentage was set up for a cozy affair Continue reading

X-Ploring from Bahagia – Toa Payoh Hiang Ji Roasted Meat and Noodle House

Tucked away in a little corner opposite the Toa Payoh hub, we decided to try out this stall while we were there to run an errand. The roasted meat looks bright and fresh from the glass panels.

Hiang Ji Roasted Meat Toa Payoh
Overall, I like the char siew meat because they are just burnt Continue reading

Stirling Road vs Bahagia Terrace Houses

There are also HDB terraces at Queenstown Stirling Road. Stirling Road houses and Jalan Bahagia houses were both built in the times of the SIT (Singapore Improvement Trust) days. So, what essentially are the differences between the HDB terraces in Stirling Road Queenstown and Jalan Bahagia Whampoa?

Bahagia Stirling HDB Terrace Bahagia Stirling HDB Terrace Bahagia Stirling HDB Terrace

Bahagia Stirling HDB Terrace Bahagia Stirling HDB Terrace Bahagia Stirling HDB Terrace

Bahagia Stirling HDB Terrace Bahagia Stirling HDB Terrace Bahagia Stirling HDB Terrace

Above: Terrace houses in Stirling Road

#1 Age and Type

The terraces at Stirling Road were built in the 1960’s. Terraces in Jalan Bahagia Continue reading


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